Junkers Ju 86K-2

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Jan 1, 2006
What engine was used in the Ju86K-2 which was bought by Hungary? What was the max. speed of the Ju 86K-2? What machineguns was the Ju 86K-2 armed with (the Swedish versions of the Ju 86K had the 7.92mm Browning)?


The ju86k-9 was hungarian export version according to my ref but everywhere else its called the k-2 was powered by theGnome Rhone 14k Mistral-Major rated at 870hp
Well on the Ju-86K-2, which was the sole one of this designation, they had the original Pratt Whitney Hornet S1E-G 9-cylinder radial of 875HP. Theere were 3 K-1s and the K-2 designation came about when one example was fitted with skis for Sweden. As pbfoot noted the K-9 was the model that went to Hungary.

I don't have any exact armament data on this model nor top speeds. The Ju-86G -1 which had 865HP engines gave a top end of 236MPH @ 13,120 feet while the E-1 with 810HP engines made 224MPH at that same altitude
the majority of Ju86s for Sweden 20 were powered by the Bristol Pegasus lll licence built by Nohab Flygmotorfabriker rated @ 820hp these were the k-4 the remaining 13 K-5 were powered by Nohab built Pegasus Xll rated at 920hp the later 40 K-5 were powered by Nohab Pegasus XXlV rated at 980Hp or Polish PZL Pegasus XlX rated at 835 hp

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