KG 26 1945, Norway

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    a real rarity at this stage of the war, in fact almost unheard of as they were both trying to survive in 1945 by themselves being overwhelmed and outgunned and shrinking in size..........

    don't promote any of the Il-2 skin sites but the guy has done some homework with some great albeit few 1945 fotos one or two including the Kommandeur of KG 26 during the winter of December 44-Januar 1945 when he was replaced. the situation of a particular battle is clear and KG 26 victory claims are erroneous to say the least if we can believe Allied ship commanders.

    enjoy the graphics and the formulation of the Air to Sea battle in 1945, as you can see on this date over the cold northern Ocean KG 26 Ju 88 losses were horrid.

    anyone try that camo on a Ju 88A-17 ? if not maybe it's time eh guys ?

    Asisbiz aircraft profile of Junkers Ju-88 including IL-2 skins, downloads, historical photos, free screensaver images used in combat flight simulator games like Ubisoft 1946, Storm of War and Microsoft CFS
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    yes that is a gorgeous skin that he made for the Ju 88. Some of those guys have done there homework very well, especially with cockpits.

    right now I'm finnishing up a skin, specifically Bf 109G-14/AS, (call sign werk nummer withheld for the moment), 7./JG 11, flown on January 14th, 1945. it was very difficult. but difficult as that there are very few pictures of JG 11 Bf 109's. JG 11 like JG 54 had there own 'unique' ideas on camouflage.

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