Ki27 pic

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Jul 15, 2004
Nicholson, PA
Anyone happen to have a larger version of this pic? I was looking through some old cds full of pictures and found this, I've got no idea where I found it or if the site had a larger version or not...


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This is a pi$$-poor quality image but it's better than nuthin' I s'pose...


And another shot of the same ship...


Both are from Arco-Aircam #20 Nakajima Ki-27A-B Manshu Ki-79A-B in JAAF, Manchoukuo, IPSF, RACAF, PLAAF CAF Service

The second image above can also be found at the link provided by evangilder along with another image of the same ship. Two versions of this additional image are there; the third image in the second row on page one and the second image in the second row on page two.

Hopefully someone else has some better quality images because I'd like to build a model of this bird...

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