lanc pics

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a couple of pics i took this afternoon, doing the top 1/2 of 3, and a complete on the fourth . Expensive maintenance !!!


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They were, this is only a replica.

The Toronto Aerospace Museum, located at the former CFB Downsview features a full-size replica Arrow built by volunteers with assistance from local aerospace firms. With a metal structure, the replica features many authentic-looking components including landing gear constructed by Dowty-Messier (the original Arrow sub-contractor). Painted in the colours of Arrow 25203, the Arrow replica was rolled out for a media event on 28 September 2006 and was on public display on 8-9 October 2006 to commemorate the original aircraft's rollout in 1957. It will be permanently displayed beside an Avro Lancaster bomber (currently under restoration) built at the same Malton plant that produced the Arrow.

CF-105 Arrow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

the cockpit and nose gear of RL-206, the first Mk 2 Arrow, and two outer panels of RL-203's wings were saved and are on display at the Canada Aviation Museum in Ottawa, alongside an Iroquois engine.

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