Lancaster PB-290

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Apr 11, 2005
South East Queensland
I just found this snippet in todays paper and was wondering if anyone knows an info about the Lanc in question, It's squadron (460,463,467?) and the raid it was lost on.


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ok, Lancaster PB290 was a Mk.III as that article states, lost on a raid to Giessen on the night of 6/7 December 1944. She belonged to 463Sqn and was one of the 8 lost of the 255 lancasters that hit Giessen that night........

attached is a a picture of the closest relitive of PB290 that i have a picture of, Mk.III (PB156).........


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on the night of 6/7 dec 1944 a Lancaster Mk III of 463 Sdn PB290 coded JO-K took off from Waddington at 17:12 Target Giessen, it crashed in the target area and all the crew were KIA.

FO R.R. Young RAAF
Sgt P.J.B Gwynne
FO H.S. MacMeikan RAAF
FO G. Thomas RAAF
FSgt R.T. Hawthorn RAAF
FSgt J.L. Henderson RAAF

May they rest in peace.
15 RAF heavies were claimed this night of 6/7 Dec. 44 by the German Nachtjagd. 6 Lancs shot down by fighters of IV./NJG 6 over and in the area of Gießen. From 20.17 to 20.25 hours

E ~ something to think about......
IV. gruppe was a mixed lot in NJG 6. Bf 110G-4's and Ju 88G-6's nd even a staffel of 12 a/c could be a mix of both types in the NJG. A bit on the bizarre so late war.
Hi, just came across this post. I also found a video clip in relation to this aircraft, although this is in German. Apparently there is a local club near Giessen concerned with WW2 military history and the recovery of locally crashed aircraft. They recovered what remained of the above aircraft in 2004 and were able to identify a previously unidentified body from this crash. The only four crew which were buried at Giessen post-crash, were re-buried on 13 Dec 2005 at Hannover military cemetary in the presence of some family members and various embassy officials..

Just thought you might be interested if you're still watching this post.
FSgt J.L. Henderson RAAF
He was my uncle and I am trying to get more info on the pb290 crew -history -photo'

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