Last of the Jaguars

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Dec 29, 2006
Bomber county UK
Quote.."The RAF was in shock yesterday after its entire fleet of Jaguar strike jets was abruptly withdrawn to save cash"
They will stop flying at the end of this week..!
Going to Coningsby Friday and hope to get last pix.......sigh
This pic taken last year.....


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Those are a man's man aircraft. Is there a reason that their landing gear appears to be so robust? They have landing gear like carrier aircraft. I've always wondered that.

Say it isn't true. What a beautiful strike aircraft the SEPECAT. With overwing sidewinders and all.
The undercarrige was designed for rough surfaces and there was a version designed for Carrier use that didn't make production.
At Farnborough they often used to demonstrate this by taking off from the grass next to the runway for their display. On one occaision the Viggen topped this by taking off downwind (but on the runway).

They are a great aircraft and its true, but to be fair they are old and maintanence must be a major problem. I believe India still make them in small numbers as they haven't found a better strike aircraft that fits their needs.

I will look and see if I have some photo's showing the landing gear.
Best I can find showing her lifting her skirts


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What is not to like about that airplane. Stout, two wheel rear bogies for God's sake, a repectable loadout, beautiful lines... :love4:
They just look mean...
When I took this pic last year,they had just cut the grass and I was covered in grass cuttings and kerosine fumes........aaaah bliss !


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I've just found out that all the airframes are going to RAF Cosford for instructional purposes and none are going to private collections, museums or the scrapman.......we shall see.

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