Looking for a particular pilot, and the planes he flew.

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May 6, 2005
Does anyone have a full history of the planes Flying Officer Adrian Warburton flew during World War II?

So far I have found:


And something about a Maryland?

I wondered if he flew anything else apart from that Hurricane.

Thanks in advance.
Hi SeaNorris,

I share your interest in Adrian Warburton and have been researching for photos regarding the PR Beaufighter he flew with (being a field depot modification has made it difficult in locating any pics showing where exactly the cameras where palced...)

Regarding your question, he also flew with a Spitfire PR.IV and a Beaufighter Ic modified for PR role. The book "Warburton's War" that Gnomey directed you at is really worth reading as it gives a very detailed account of Adrian Warburton's service and personal history including all the planes he flew with - a very colorful and audacious character! The way he vanished/died was appropriate to the way he fought and lived his life...


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