Looking for Hump Pilots that are still alive

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by HumpPilotGrandson, Aug 2, 2012.

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    I am a film maker in LA and I am researching info for a documentary about the Hump in the south pacific during '43 and '45. My grandfather flew 184 missions over the hump and is still with us today. I recently got his stories on film and I am looking to get more hump pilots on film as soon as I can, before they are all gone. If you have any info that will help me I would very much appreciate it. Also if it is info for Flying Tigers that could obviously be of use also, I am going to cover them as well, but really want to focus on the Hump pilots predominately. You can contact me here or directly, thank you very much.


    Damon Vinyard
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