Losses Akeno fighter school April 22, 1945

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Oct 14, 2020
On this date Capt RW Moore of 15th FG claimed a ki43 shot down near Akeno a/f. Does anyone have details of Japaneses losses among aircraft and pilots of the fighter school on that date?

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Hard to find exact records.

April 22, 1945

At 11:20, 40 P-51s attacked Ujiyamada City and its nearby (including Akeno airfield) of Mie Prefecture.
Several factory buildings and houses were damaged. 1 P-51 crashed in Toyohama village.

Source: 宇治山田空襲 - 宇治山田空襲の概要 - わかりやすく解説 Weblio辞書

After noon, a P-51 flown by Lt. Richard M. Long crashed in Toyohama village of Mie Prefecture.
Remains were buried nearby.

Source: POW研究会 POW Research Network Japan | 研究報告 | 本土空襲の墜落米軍機と捕虜飛行士 | 東海軍管区

No more info at the moment.

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