Luftwaffe without dive bombing requirement?

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tomo pauk

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Apr 3, 2008
A lot of people, especially in the West, noted that dive-bombing brought more damage to the Luftwaffe than it was a benefit. So lets have LW declare some time in 1935-ish: nah, we don't actually want that fancy way of bombing, and we will not require any dive bombers from now on.

What might be the gains to the LW and the German war machine with this, what will be the problems?


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Feb 5, 2021
I think if they'd stuck with a dedicated dive-bomber -- JU-87 -- and then dropped the requirement for twin-engined planes to be d/b-capable they could have had the best of both worlds. But as airframe and weights get larger, so too do the pull-out forces not only grow, but gain leverage; and the inner members must support longer and heavier outer structures. It seems like a rabbit-hole you wouldn't want to chase down.
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