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Sep 19, 2005
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If you need help on any level, come and post it here. I have beaten the game many times over. But please be exact in where the trouble lies, so I can better asses how to fix it.
I've made it a habit to go through the game, every challenge and every battle, including the intro, I'm getting through it now in 3:20 (best time 3:11). Looking at where to improve times, I'd like to do #14 faster.

Other posts mention flying through the factory and taking out the tanks. I've never been able to do that. I use the rocket, not the guided bomb, and it will handle hangars and the tanks, a little faster.

Do people really fly through the factory?

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I have flown through the factory...its not advisable unless you really know your way through the factory and how your plane responds at certain speeds. As per the missile question, I personally use the longer ranged flying bomb/missile and not the X-4 or what ever the air to air missile is in the game. My personal suggestion for that level with the factory is to take the same plane that Trevor or whoever is using to fly recon for you. I think its the Flying Pancake, but I'm not sure. When this particular plane has the maximum turning and speed upgrades (leave armor alone, it is only a detriment later on) it goes a comfortable 602+ miles per hour top speed, and it still has the 98 mile per hour low speed, which means if you really wanted to fly through the factory, this would be the plane to do it with.
Does anyone have any good defencive dogfighting techniques? I'm finding it hard to shake of enemies behind me, and it only takes a few seconds to get filled with holes and shot down
Thanks. What about the second part of the midway mission? I can never take down the seemingly endless waves of Kates and Vals, and the Yorktown always gets sunk
Yeah, I had to replay the mission just for that part a few times. From what I can tell, the moment you finish off the 3 zeros that were scouting, you should start climbing, while pressing the "nearest air target" button. I usually attack the Vals and Kates and occasionally (if I had ammo and time) went after a Zero or two. The trick is to tell your team mate to either go lone wolf, or to have him protect you, either one works really well. If your ammo runs low, dive towards Yorktown, and land REALLY quick, otherwise things are gonna get bad. Generally speaking, you want to intercept the Vals and Kates before they are anywhere near the defensive line of destroyers. Also, if memory serves, saving the Anderson from the initial attacks nets you a secondary objective. If ya need more help, just ask, and I can post more.
Any advice for "Escape over Rabaul" in Heroes of the Pacific?

So far I've been using a risky, but at times effective tactic. I get as far away from all the zeros as I can, then engage them all in a head on aerial joust using warspeed with my machine guns firing at whatever I can get in my sights. After I get past all the zeros, I still have enough warspeed to seperate me from the zeros and give me time to regain the warspeed to "joust" them all over again.

I've been able to take out lots of the zeros this way with minimum gunfire damage to my Corsair. However any damages I get is from ramming a zero head on at full speed (surprising huh?)

I know the only thing you need to do in this mission is to out-run all the zeros...but I want to take 'em all out anyway! It's especially hard on "Ace" and I was wondering if you had a different tactic from me. 8)
First, there is another section for Heroes of the Pacific under the Secret Weapons over Normandy area. Secondly, what you're doing is mostly correct, however, I find it best that once I've sped past the enemy planes, to reduce speed as much as safely possible, and then turn into the enemy. Barring turning into them, it will normally make them break formation, then its just a matter of choosing one at random to be your next kill.
Low and Slow? I don't remember that level even being in Secret Weapons Over Normandy or Heroes of the Pacific.....then again, I haven't really paid attention to mission names in SWON, but rather where they are supposedly taking place (i.e. Dunkirk, Norway, etc.)

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