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Sep 7, 2006

on the other hand, i'd like people to allow airwar's admin to host manuals displayed at this forum. eh? :)
Another note is that some of this manuals are not in pdf format. I converted them to pdf format for easier viewing.

Enjoy Micdrow :lol:
Whoops, I miss understood you. Thought you where looking for manuals :oops:.

FlyBoyJ or DerAdlerIstGelandet will get a hold of you.

Or you can just upload them on messaged threads. The more the manuals the better is what they keep telling me :lol:

So lets see if I have this straight, They are asking to download manuals from here to post on there sight. If so I have no problems, I put them up there for every one to enjoy!!!

Well they need to explain it better then.

I dont have a problem (because the manuals should be public domain) as long as no copyright enfringment is done.
Correct! And from i understand they only way anyone could claim copyright infringement if we were selling this stuff, and we're not. It's available for the public...
i think both communities got mutual benefits
He's got some really good stuff there now that I had time to go through it. It looks like he got there from the same source on some of the early ones I posted. Again I don't have a problem sharing, Micdrow, you put a lot of time an effort in adding to out library here, I want to make sure this is cool with you. We could have a "Manual-Cooperative!" :occasion5:
I really dont have a problem with it. I came here to learn and well, its been a learning experince. As long as I continue to have fun and learn I have no problems.

I wished he had more WWII manuals that I havnt seen. I just cant seem to get enough of them. Modern day ones I will stay away from for the most part. Reason being is due to cost's and such that Ive had to limit the area and type of research I do. So Ive confined it to World War II. :oops: Which is still a huge area.

All in all though no problems. Very confusing at first but all in all a happy ending for everyone involved.

Micdrow :lol:

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