March AFB late 60s Question

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I know there are a lot of members here who are former military.

I am in the process of making a gift for my dad. He doesn't talk of his time in the service much, other than many years ago. I want to surprise him with this gift I am making.

I know that he was stationed at March AFB around 65-67. I think he was attached to the 22nd Bomber Wing. I know he flew on KC135s, not sure if he was the crewchief or not.

I have found very little info on March at this time period.

Specifically what I need is what markings were on these particular KC135s and are there any squadron patches available?

Any info would be great.

If I lived closer I could goto March myself, but as it were I live on the East Coast and I will probably have to wait quite a few years for I can make such a long trip! But time is running short and I hoped that maybe someone here could be of assistance!

If he was in KC-135s, then his unit was attached to the 22nd BW. That era had some weird ways of setting up groups and squadrons. There were 2 Aerial Refueling squadrons attached to the 22nd at that time, the 22 AR and the 320 AR. In 1966, the 909 AR was added.

I have some more info I will post later
Ok, the 22nd ARW (Air refueling wing) has gone through a ton of changes and reassignments over the years, which makes it tough to trace. But I was able to gather this:
22nd Air Refueling Wing "We Lead"

* Redesignated on: 1 October 1982.
* At: March AFB, CA.
* Assigned to: Strategic Air Command, Fifteenth Air Force, 12th Air Division.
* Equipment: KC-135s, KC-10s.
* Reassigned to: Fifteenth Air Force, 47th Air Division on 1 October 1985.
* Reassigned to: Fifteenth Air Force, 14th Air Division on 23 January 1987.
* Reassigned to: Fifteenth Air Force on 1 July 1988.
* Changed equipment in: 1990 to KC-10s.
* Reassigned to: Fifteenth Air Force, Air Mobility Command on 31 May 1992.

Lost bombardment mission in 1982 and equipped with KC-135 and KC-10 aircraft. Thereafter, provided strategic Air refueling and airlift in support of worldwide USAF and other DOD operations and training exercises. Moved personnel and cargo in support of Chadian resistance to Libyan incursions in 1983 and conducted airlift and refueling missions during rescue of US nationals in Grenada, 1983. Provided specialized refueling support to SR-71 aircraft reconnaissance operations worldwide, c. 1985-1990, and to the F-117 stealth aircraft program, c. 1987-Supported F-117 deployments to Saudi Arabia and contributed aircraft and personnel to logistics efforts in support of the liberation of Kuwait, 1990-

That is more of the modern info on the wing.

The most info I have found about the 22nd ARW was here:
22nd Bomb Wing - SAC - March AFB - B52

Now if you are looking for unit patches and the like, I would suggest joining and joining a group there for the unit. You can find the 22nd there and probably get info from vets of that unit.

About the only thing more difficult to trace than these ARW units are comm squadrons. My old unit was reassigned and redesignated many times. With most of our members farmed out to other units for TDYs, it's almost impossible to trace out a comm career in the USAF!

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