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Jan 11, 2004
Erich here with a small request. I am doing a project on the Messerschmidt 262 and am short on funds. I need a blueprint of the Plane or anything to do with the Junkers Jumo Turbojet Engines. All are welcome and no piece of information is to small and will always be accepted.

Danke, Erich
here's bluepaint of 262, useful?


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I hope this helps somehow.
If you need better quality let me know, but these are big enough I think.



I was at Wright-Patterson AFB not too long ago, and they had a 262 Jumo engine cutout on display. I'll look and see if I took any pics of it
I hope this is of any use.... :confused:


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The only drawings on my computer


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if anyone is living in NJ Air Victory Museum has an intact ME-262 engine on display that is preaty cool, along with early German RATO pod for Arado blitz
There's a CD with Me 262 Tech drawings on eBay. Search function will locate it. If anyone can help, I'm on the hunt for F4U-1 Measurements cowl, wing rib ordinates etc.
The same tech drawings can be found on the internet. They are not copyrighted either because they belong to Messerschmitt not that guy on Ebay who claims they are copyrighted. How can he copyright something that is not his.

Thats what I think is funny about that guy. The stuff that he claims is copyright is not his and not copyright. He did not take the pictures, he did not design the aircraft...

Why pay the guy for something that is not his anyhow?

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