Could the Me-262 have won the war for the Axis?

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Dec 3, 2003
I've heard this arguement a million times, and don't think it would have. Even a year earlier, it might have punched some holes in the Allied Air Defence, maybe even prolonged the war a few years. But it couldn't have won it. Eventually, the Allies would get a hold of one and improve it.

But what do you think?


most people agree that the me262 could not have won the war but I completley disagree. With the technology that it possesed 100 mph's faster than most fighters it could have easily shot them down and gained the upper hand. If Hitler had not wanted it to be converted into a fighter-bomber it could have inflicted such heavy losses on the allies that they may have had to hold off on the air offensive. But since he wanted that it hamped supplies to the limit.
Even with all of the diffrent things that people have said that the me262 could not have won the war with four 30 mm cannons and it's speed it was totally able to outclass any fighter the allies had. If it could have been made in sufficent numbers and if there was the fuel to supplie it with it could have changed the war or at least for some time. And the allies really did not have a jet fighter yet they were really still only in the production stages. Although the British had one and the Americans they were nothing like the me262 which by far was the better plane.
not a chanse. it takes a truly great plane like the spitfire, hurricane or bf-109 to win a war, not a plane like the me-262, i mean, if it was such a great plane as many people are making out, it would have changed the corse of the war in the very short time it had to show itself
Not a bad observation, the Lanc.

However, even great planes like the Spitfire or the 109 couldn't have changed history in a few months. If you look at it, the 109 was around even during the Spanish Civil War, and so it had plenty of time for improvement. The Spitfire was simply an excellent plane, but in that short period of time, no plane could make a serious dent in the opposition by itself


im new but i know what could have helped the germans since the me262 came out so late the........HE100D that was an awesome plane it had the same engine (DB601) and armament (2x7.62mm mgs and 1x30mm cannon) as the 109 yet it had a 415mph top speed and it was ready to be built early in the war but the stupid german political leaders didnt like heinkel so u know.............
THe Me-262 was a great fighter, a better bomber though. It was hard deciding whether or not it could've won the war. It could though. I am only gambling my thoughts though..
there's no deneying that the 262 led to our modern jets, but to late to make a difference in ww2

btw, don't ypu think it would be interesting to put a modern fighter armed only with guns against a spitfire or p-51?
Some of the less-advanced airforces of the world still use P-51's. The scary thing is that, if your flying a big bird over those countries without fighter cover, those P-51's will put a wrench in your gears real fast
yes. it WILL win the war. cos it was the fastest plane then, and the top dog fighting plane. Problem is, Hitler insisted on converting it to a bomber, which is impossible.
Note: After the war, Allies literally stripped the Me262s to pieces to aquire its jet technology. Cheapskate Allies!
That's because the British Design's were Piston Engined type design's with Jets added on and with the American's copying the Brit Design's didn't really help :confused: :confused:

But the American F-86 were based on a German Design, which of course helped to win the next War the U.S were involved in :shock:

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I'd have to agree that the Me262 wouldn't have made enough difference to 'win the war for the Germans' in the end we weren't far off developing our own Jet fighters, the prototype Gloster Meteor first flew in 1941 and was operational in april 1945 - by Novemeber it had broken the airspeed record so obviously we would have been able to match the Germans for speed anyway.
I do agree that it may have prolonged the war by maybe a year or so but to say it would end the war in favour of the Germans is very silly indeed :rolleyes:

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