me109K how was it?

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Aug 17, 2006
how did this plane perform against opposing fighters and bombers?

i heard these had the 109g faults ironed out and were pretty good

was it liked by pilots? what was its specs comparitively?
The 109K introduced higher engine power for roughly the same weight and considerably lower drag.

However even the 109K-4 still suffered from high stick forces at high speeds though...
Any aircraft the Luftwaffe had at that time could not prove themselves because once they took off they were swarmed by overwelming numbers of P-51s. Thats what wins wars though...
That goes for both sides. An experten in any 109 model could extracate himself from most situations after having gone on the offensive. The green guys were always on the defensive. Aggressiveness is a fighter pilot's strongest trait.
sorry bout the initial multiple posts, my bad. so it was out done by the west, how bout the east?
I would not say outdone in the west. It was a good aircraft but you cant really prove yourself when you take off and you are pounced by 30 P-51s because the whole German airspace is filled with them.

In the East it was quite successful from what I have read.
There's flight performance information on the Bf 109K (and other Bf 109s) on my site at :

Kurfurst - Your resource on Messerschmitt Bf 109 performance

Direct link to Bf 109 K:

Messerschmit A.G. Oberammegau - Performance of 8 - 109 K4 and K6 with DB 605 ASCM/DCM. (English translation).
A / IV / 294 / 44
January 1945
(Messerschmitt calculations for improved propeller types for the Bf 109K, also detailing performance of the serial production 109K.)
Translated to English.

Kurfürst - Performance of 8 - 109 K4 and K6 with DB 605 ASCM/DCM
I'll definitely recommend that site for anyone interested in the 109.

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