Mick the Leprechaun & Fiery Fred

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    Mick Jones was another fine example of the WWII diesel-boat submariners within our veterans branch. Mick was originally from Belfast, and as Irish as they come with that devil-may-care attitude and great sense of humour. Both Mick and Fiery Fred served together in the 10th Submarine Flotilla operating out of Malta during that islands two-year siege and heavy bombing by the German and Italian air forces. Mick was a wordsmith in his own right, penning many great monologues and funny songs and it didn’t matter how drunk he was he never missed a beat while reciting or singing any of them.

    Sadly, both Mick and Fiery Fred have now taken their last dives and we shall never see the likes of real characters like them again. I imagine that they will now be giving St Peter a few headaches and problems to deal with LOL. But their indomitable spirit and crazy antics will live on with us all. Like I said Mick wrote lots of dits and I thought you might like this last one, along with his comments, that he wrote at the last reunion he attended with Fiery Fred a few years back. He just illustrates this cocky pair and their irreverent approach to rank or authority by simply treating everyone just the same:

    I see that our Branch has a new President in Rear Admiral Paul Lambert CB and that surely has to be great news for everyone. It reminded me of one my own past encounters with Admirals, of which there have been a few, as this little ditty of mine will prove.

    T’was on re-union Saturday in the junior ratings bar
    Fred and I were sitting with a noggin and a jar
    Knocking back the whisky as if it were on the house
    I’m sure we drank a bottle and a half of Famous Grouse

    A tall chap then approached me and gave to us his name
    He said, “My friend is Richard, and you can call me Ian.”
    I said, “Sit down and have a drink, I’ll get them in a tick
    My fat friend here is Freddy and you can call me Mick.”

    And so we sat and chatted of how we’d won the war
    We told each other dirty jokes until they shut the bar
    I asked him what his rating was, his face was torn with grief
    When I said, “Were you a seaman? I’ll bet you were a Chief.”

    He said “Well I was seaman branch, to that I must admit
    But right now I am an Admiral, you stupid Irish nit.”
    But next re-union day, we’ll have another drink again
    I said, “You can call me Mick.” He said, “Just call me Ian.”

    Oh! my lads, you should have seen us boozing
    Sitting down beside the bar, it just was so amusing
    Me and Freddy Fullerton and the bloke who talked so posh
    My new drinking mate, the Admiral, Sir Ian Macintosh

    It is my firm belief that this kind of social interaction can only happen in the Submarine Service where respect and professionalism between officers and men is the mutual glue that binds them together due to the nature of their work and shared experiences. Long may this tradition continue just that way.
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