Uncle Albert and the Kamikaze

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Red Sailor

Jan 20, 2016
Since I am on an aviation site I thought this NGOAT (No Guarantee of Accuracy or Truth) dit might be appropriate for your edification.

Now my Uncle Albert knew a thing or two about Kamikaze pilots. In fact he was the only sailor in WWII to ever win the Distinguished Flying Cross without even leaving the deck of his ship. He was Gunlayers Mate on HMS Repulse in the South Pacific when they were attacked by a Kamikaze. He was loading shells into a six-inch gun for the Royal Marine Gunlayer when it all happened.

They had zeroed in on a Kamikaze Zero diving towards them and were firing away. My Uncle Albert slipped whilst loading a shell and caught his left hand in the breech. Not noticing, the Gunner slammed the breech shut, taking off Uncle Albert's hand as clean as a whistle, and fired. Uncle Albert said, "F*** me", in fact he may have said it twice he was so upset. They didn't manage to shoot the plane down, only badly damaging the canopy but somehow Uncle Albert's left hand got into the cockpit and strangled the Jap pilot. This action saved the ship and Albert got the DFC for it.


Feb 17, 2008
An interesting story, Red Sailor, but there were no Zeros during the attack against HMS Repulse on 10th December, 1941 but bombers only flown from Saigon. According to our local Wiki, a G3M and two G4Ms were shot down by HMS Repulse during their torpedo attack.

32 G3M bombers of Mihoro Air Group from Saigon attacked Singapore on 8th December 1941 to report they found HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse there.
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Feb 17, 2008
Sorry but this is for my own curiosity.

At the beginning of Malaya Operation started from 8th December 1941, the 22nd Air Squadron of IJN held about 30 Zero fighters in Saigon, later moved to Kota Bharu. No exact records but they might have joined the Singapore Attack to escort G3Ms as they were ordered to destroy 4 British airfields there.


Feb 17, 2010
Lakeview, AR
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