Mig-29 F-16 Mildenhall airshow static

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Apr 6, 2005
It is about time I got around to posting some more home videos. Here is one of a sequence showing a couple of the stars of the static at the Mildenhall Air Fete in 1996.

It shows two two-seaters. As they say, compare and contrast the USAF F-16B vs a Mig-29 of the Czech AF. Perhaps someone can more precisely identify these aircraft?

There was a Belgian AF Alpha Jet doing a flying display I think.

The vid clip is from my old analog camcorder and some of the jaggedness is an artifact of the file conversion (I use STOIK).

So there you are nearly 3 minutes of lingering looks over the tailpipes and sundry bits of the delectable Mig-29.


  • _maf-stat1_127.wmv
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Here's part two of the family outing to MAF. This time you get to see more of the static intercut with part of the Swedish AF C130 display.


  • _maf-stat2_209.wmv
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More of our journey through the MAF98 static - past the gaping rear end of the Viggen while another Swedish AF machine cavorts in the sky. The pilot of this transport thinks he's a fighter jock methinks.


  • maf-stat4_629.wmv
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The latest installment shows an F16 and then a lingering look over and under the USAFE F15E Strike Eagle in the static. I am impressed with how much it can haul but wonder about the drag (and of course miss the F-111Fs).


  • maf-stat5_193.wmv
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RAF Jaguar landing - not the use of aerodynamic braking rather than the usual chute. No doubt he wanted to clear the runway and save repacking the chute. Lovely nose high attitude.

I have been experimenting with the compression to wmv and this is rather a large file so i am going to include the smaller one too.


  • maf98-jag256_174.wmv
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  • maf98-jag1500_591.wmv
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