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Dec 3, 2003
Perhaps we could have a Misc. category for pics related to the site (i.e Squadron insignias) but don't fit precisely under any of the existing category
I think that in pictures section there must be another category that it will sound like aircraft profiles.
I saw many of these pics in the misc. category I think that we must separate them.
ok guys I know that it is boring but someone must do it... Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway what a moderator is supposed to do?
rebel8303 said:
ok guys I know that it is boring but someone must do it... Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway what a moderator is supposed to do?

They stop all the little kiddiewinks from writing nasty rude words on the walls.....

I think that the photo section could be organized better when it was early and it hadn't that vast amount of photos into it. Why there are three different sections for "Black and white pictures of WWII" anyway?
Because they were getting big - having 6000 pictures in one section would be overkill. When the Colour photos reach about 2000 another section will be started for them.
what do you think would help the organization of the picture album?
more categories, less pics per category
I would like to improve it and i will put the time in just give me some details.
thanks :D
Yeah, I was thinking of a 'Post war' catagory, since people like to put those kinds of warbirds up too. And a Profiles one, because there are thousands of them in Misc.
Well look I could be very trying but anyway you asked for it
First of all the misc. section should not contain any WWII planes
because this is the subject of the site anyway.

I don't know how difficult is to transfer images but most of the images in the misc section are profiles of WWII aircraft and they can be in one section - I think that it would be easier to move the rest and rename the current section
Other are WWII aircraft that are graphics or even colored images that you could place in the colored photo section. (The graphics could go in a separate section too or can be merged in the paintings under the name of "graphics" generally.
The rest photos are modern aircraft and they can go to a separate section and the rest could stay under the name of misc. or if you want you can delete them

I have't checked how one can post a photo yet but you can make new posts to enter in a competely new section from where an admin will put them in the appropriate sections.

As far the sections of black white photos I 'd liked it more if each full section had the same number of pics with the others (e.g. 2000)
I hope that I didn't tired you much...
Well, I can move all the profiles - a big job, but hey.

Posting pics for the albums is dead easy!

Just save an image onto your hard drive.

It's best kept in a file called 'your pictures' (so that it is easily found).

That done, in the album section click on 'upload pic'. Click on 'browse' and find the pic you're after in your pictures file.

Hit 'open' and you should see it in the entry box.

Write down the name of whatever it is you're sticking up, write a brief description if you like, click submit, and voila! There it is.

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