Most Dangerous Position on a Bomber....?

Whats the most dangerous position on an Allied Bomber during WW2?

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  • Cockpit

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  • Top Turret Gunner

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  • Radio Operator

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  • Waist Gunner(s)

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  • Ball Turret Gunner

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  • Tail Gunner

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Feb 19, 2004
What's the most dangerous position to be in aboard an Allied WW2 bomber on a bombing run...?

Really? I find that odd cos the nose of the bomber was usually largely made of glass and in a crash i would've thought the WORSE place to be (apart from inside the ball turret!) during a crash landing was the nose! :shock:
apparenty not, this is just going on lancaster stats but the bloke with the highest survival rate was the bomb aimer 8) i not sure about other planes though
Maybe the bomb aimer was the first to see the aircraft coming straight at them and jumped out... :lol:

I don't know the worst place to be, to me, being in the bomber at all would be bad.
I'm not saying bombers are bad because they were very useful planes. I'm saying that I wouldn't want to be in one...unless it was a mossie...
P-51D...I don't know if any other could reach there...unless we were sending them from France...
You misunderstand me, I mean if we sent them from a French airfield. Just because a Spitfire takes off from France it doesn't make it French.
If we were flying from France, I'd go for the Spitfire Mk V.
cheddar cheese said:
my favourite plane is a bomber, id love to be in it :)

I bet you wouldn't if you were being shot at by a Spitfire ;)
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