need B-17 blueprints

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does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Blue prints for the B-17 G they dont have to be full size I want to build an exact scale Flying model
This will probably not be too much help but i have had the pic for ages and someone may be able to find a use for it :lol:

the lancaster kicks ass said:
Hot Space said:
You're in great luck :D :D

I know the feller who has this Site..............and he can get his hands on the REAL Boeing B-17G Blue Prints 8) 8)

I'll Post them as soon as I get 'em, M8 :D

Hot Space

any danger he can get lancaster ones to, i don't want to make a model, just thaught it would be interesting

I'll have a look around, M8 8)

And what to you mean, "Exact Size"?

Hot Space
I think he means 1:1 scale for the blueprints, in other words exact size with the real B-17. How about Corsair blueprints? Maybe its time for a new section in the picture album :lol:
sorry forn the slow responce I was on Vacation By exact size I mean that I would like to be able to get the mesurements so that the spacing and placement of all parts and equipment can be as close to the original as possible My wifes father was a tail gunner on a B17 G the scale I will be using is 1"=1' thank you this will be a flying model
I already have the engines and most of the materials Radio control Air craft are My main hobby Most of the time the plane will be made available to war bird museums we have several around here

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