B-17 Day's Pay

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I found this URL on the Abandoned Airports website. Scroll down to the Hanford Airport. They were showing the old Hanford, Washington airport from the war. It seems the Hanford plant workers each donated a day's pay to pay for one B-17 for the Army Air Corps. Hanford was one of the plants built to produce the atomic bomb materials; namely uranium and plutonium. There is no aircraft number visible, but I was wondering what might have happened to this B-17 during and after the war assuming it survived the war.

IMHO the serial is 43-38223.

Handford_WA_44Jul23_B-17G serial.jpg
My dad trained at NAS Pasco, c. 35 miles from Hanford. It was Death Or Worse to overfly the Hanford facility for reasons not revealed (for later obvious reasons)
Dad said that Rumor Control had two theories as to Hanford's purpose:
1. Making FDR campaign buttons
2. Front ends of horses for shipment to Washington, DC and final assembly.

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