Need photos of certain WWII Croatian aircraft

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Hello to all ---- my second post. :)

I have been posting photos of Croatian Air Force aircraft that were from captured Yugoslavian and German stocks on the Luftwaffe Experten Message Board:

Luftwaffe Experten Message Board (Powered by Invision Power Board)

Look under Captured Aircraft with other Axis Nations: Croatia.

I am looking for photos of the following types in Croatian markings:

CANT Z 1007 6 were in service from captured German stocks.
Macchi Mc 200 4 in service from captured German stocks
Macchi Mc 202 possibly 16 in service from German stocks
Fiat CR 42 possibly 9 in service from German stocks
Fiat BR 20 4 in service from German stocks
Caproni Ca 313G 1 in service
Caproni Ca 314 1 in service
Amiot 143 1 in service
Fokker F. IX 1 in service (not the F.39 foreign export version)
Fokker F. XVIII
Hopfner WN 15
RWD 13
Dehavilland DH 80 Puss Moth
Ikarus M.M. 2
Hawker Fury II

I would appreciate any help you can give with regard to photos or color profiles.



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