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Feb 25, 2007
Hello there,

2 years ago I though IL2 series it is dead and nobody likes this sim anymore (stupid me :)) but now I see a big comunity about this game and I'm so happy about it:) Verry nice from you to do this and I'm glad I could join you.
My problems are that I can't find any servers to play. I have FB+PF+AEP v3.0 (clean install without addons or patchs) and I couldn't find any srv for me to play in. Can you help me somehow? Or from where can I get new addons (or patchs) that will allow me to play on some servers, and, I also want some new skins. If this are allready answered some place else on this forum pls forgive me didn't have time to read all of it :oops:

P.S: I also got IL2 1946 too but I got an error at instalation, I will change it
Welcome to the forum. Please read the rules of this forum also in the Basic thread.

By the way there is a lot of info about the game Il2 but this forum is mostly about the real aircraft and not the game. I hope you enjoy yourself here.
So you guys don't know any servers where I can play? and from where can I get the new patchs and addons?
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Thx a lot guys for the links, that got me awake all the night and I couln'd take all that I need but I'll keep going and I already patched the game to the 404m. The problem is that I couldn't find any servers for me to play, do you guys know some? Thanks again for the help
And about the real aircrafts....hmm let me say that I'm in Romania and here I can't find at least an good museum with WWII planes (and I think there is none) but I've been in France, Italy lately and I've seen some of my favorite ones. I am flying in the real life (sorry I was flying) with an flight instructor that teached me some of the elements of flying and I must is nothing I want to do more fly. But he is away now so no more flying for me for some time. I'm in the process to emigrate to Canada and if I will make it I'll find there all that I need about flying and aircrafts.

Bbye and thx a lot for all the help
Hyperlobby is a great online browser for flight sims including the IL2 series. There are always alot of servers running for Il2

The registration is quick and easy - here is the website:

HyperLobby Online System
Yup got it and I've play it online but I'm getting my ass to ground all the time, didn't shoot anything (just ground targets) but I'll play along to get my ass better in the skies. Thx a lot for all your support and peace
If you have IL2/1946 and want some help, My squad and I are usually on Hyperlobby, Fridays and Saturday nights, 8pm EST till whenever.

I would be more than happy to show ya some tactics, besides its always better to fly with a bud!

Just look for AAA_leadsled or AAA_Redfish.
We are also running a mission based dogfight every sunday at CFSIP Games, goto the IL2 IP games forum. That game usually runs from 3:00pm EST till 5:00 or later. The Uhu squadron is mostly european guys who fly the blue side, while we fly the red. Of course sometimes we switch off.
We are all adults and don't get into the quake style dogfights, unless we are just messin around lol!

Happy Hunting!
I was just curious, is 1946 pretty much required now to play online? I've been thinking about pickin it up, but just haven't wanted to put out the cash for it yet.
I think it is, for me and my buds, its pretty much the main thing we fly since it came out. This edition has new maps and with the new patch 4.08 they added 4 more! If I added up how many hours I have flown this sim in the last 5 years or so, it is money well spent!

Rumors are that another patch is on the horizon with some more maps and possible planes.

Also if you get 1946 then you will only need one more patch. No more load FB, then AEP, then PF and numerous other patches.
Man I will gladly fly with you guys and I'm ready to learn tactics. What is your nick in HL? the same like here? I'll try to get to you on fridays or saturdays and we will talk more. Or can you give me your hotmail or yahoo ID? Thx for the help

P.S: Yes I got IL2 1946 patched to 4.08m :p

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