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Senior Airman
Dec 3, 2003
I'm thinking about changing the forums over to here:

to remove some of the weight and work from horse's fine site and to keep IL-2 discussions out of the other boards here (they seem to have a way of penetrating them :) )

I haven't decided anything yet, so what say you?

Thanks to nutter for pointing Proboards out to me :)
those proboards are amazing mate you got hunderds of features on them and can do whatever you want with them best of all its all FREE.

but i like these forums to especially the quick reply:)

upto you mate i like them both:)
Long, LONG story... :lol:

Hot Space here has adopted the antelope as his mascot, friend, and *coughough*bedcompanion*coughcough* :lol: ;)

And yes HS, we can take an antelope. In fact, perhaps some talented soul could make a banner for the OT forum there with an antelope in it :D

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