New Me 309 Book by Calum Douglas and Dan Sharp

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Mar 7, 2019
New York (USA)
I have not seen this posted here, so...

Moton's Books (UK) has announced "Messerschmitt Me 309 Development & Politics", By Dan Sharp & Calum E Douglas, 200-page hardcover, due in October.

Details are here, including taking pre-orders...

I heard earlier this book may be coming from a different publisher, but looks like Morton's is it, and they boldly include a date.

I'm truly looking forward to this, I've long wanted to know more about the 309, beyond the same 5-6 photos we've all seen dozens of times, and the summary that since it wasn't much better than the current 109G, they cancelled it. The title clearly implies political manipulations and it will be good to read the real back story. Looking forward to the book!

@Calum / Dan Dan - Can you share any other comments on the contents??

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