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Jun 19, 2005
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KIRTLAND AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. (AFPN) -- A laser technology weapon will be the first man-portable, non-lethal deterrent weapon intended for protecting troops and controlling hostile crowds.

The weapon, developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory's Directed Energy Directorate, employs a two-wavelength laser system and is a hand-held, single-operator system for troop and perimeter defense. The laser light used in the weapon temporarily impairs aggressors by illuminating or "dazzling" individuals, removing their ability to see the laser source.

The first two prototypes of the Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response, or PHaSR, were built here last month and delivered to the laboratory's Human Effectiveness Directorate at Brooks City Base, Texas, and the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate at Quantico, Va. for testing.

"The future is here with PHaSR," said Capt. Thomas Wegner program manager. Captain Wegner is also the ScorpWorks flight commander within the laser division of the energy directorate here. ScorpWorks is a unit of military scientists and engineers that develops laser system prototypes for AFRL, from beginning concept to product field testing.

The National Institute of Justice recently awarded ScorpWorks $250,000 to make an advanced prototype that will add an eye-safe laser range finder into PHaSR. Systems such as PHaSR have historically been too powerful at close ranges and ineffective but eye-safe at long ranges. The next prototype is planned to include the addition of the eye-safe range finder and is planned for completion in March 2006.

So what are your opinions on this?


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I am mixed on non-lethal weapons for the military. Crowd control and things like that are more of a police function. Plus when you get aggressive members in a mob like that, non-lethal weapons are liable to just piss them off more, especially if it is a short lived discomfort.

Also I think there are cheaper means that are just as effective. Have you ever seen a P2 firetruck water cannon disperse a crowd? Works very well. Tear gas will disperse crowds in a hurry.
Yes, but you cant carry a firetruck with you.And tear gas can sometimes lead to serious injuries, besides you can buy a gas mask in a common shop.
But I also doubt that this weapon is designed for crowd control.Is the guy with this weapon going to blind dozens (or even hundreds) of men one by one?I think its more like a long-range pepper spray: you can "disable" man from large distance.
marconi said:
And tear gas can sometimes lead to serious injuries,

How? I get tear gassed (actually CS Gas but basically the same thing) all the time in training and I have never been seriously injured. Unless you are completely weak then it does not hurt you and if so, then you should not have been doing what you were doing to get tear gassed.
Ok, my mistake there but thats not the main idea of my post.I wanted to say that in some cases you cant use gas and such weapon could be helpful.And I wanted to say that this weapon is not very usful for crowd control.IMHO.
I agree with Alder and Evan. I just found that to be a interesting topic. The Military should'nt turn into a Police force to begin with. I think temporarily blinding them isnt going to do much.
You're looking at a derivitive of where the military is going on tomorrows aircaft and other combat equipment too. The USAF is dedicated to beam weapons for use in aircraft as soon as they can prove themselves reliable.
Thoroughly check out this site and think about that. We're not looking at 2 years from now but in relative terms it will be very soon.
And from 1982!
This is NOW
and if all that seems too tame here's some more things the USAF is considering. :D
me and CC decided to do a short presentation on new "laser" weapons like this so any extra info would be useful, thanks........

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