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Nov 22, 2009
The Jungles of Canada
Anyone else missing pages in the New Posts section? I used to have about 3 or 4 pages of Unread Posts and today it's about half a page. It started last night about 2200hrs my time when I was only being shown about 4 unread posts total. I have logged out and back in several times but nothing changes

Possible there wasn't any new post sent in that time Geo. Recently I have noticed I was alone on line without any other members often. I have checked on that and it seemed to be working fine.
This is all I have right now, not quite a full page. Usually there are 2-4 pages.


I've frequently seen what you mentioned and sometimes I notice that I'm not even listed. No big deal, just a wee glitch some where.

Yep.. I understand. But Just got back with my dog from its walk. Leaving home there wasn't any of posts on the list. Now I found a half of page with the new posts including your one here. So how many of them can be found with the option , depends on how many of them was sent. Sometimes it is less and sometimes it is more IMHO.
I think that it depends on your personal settings here. Also if you posted there or already read them or if these threads are subscribed by you or not. I checked on that. I have set the forum read fully and was waiting for new posting. Each new post sent , appeared on the list and could be seen with the New Posts option.
In other words if you are logged out you can see the entirel list of posts without your filter and when you are logged in you can see these that are new only.

Oh... I criss-crossed posts with Hugh. He is right.

Here is my just grabbed screen with the list...

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Problem solved. Read your post and did some backtracking. I went into General Settings yesterday and must have hit the button above it by accident first. A test drive just now on the same button deleted all the posts. Thanks for the input guys.


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