New toy and no Im not Gilligan

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Or, to use a "Geordie" term, how about "Ganzinganzoot", which, translated, would read "Goes in, goes out", and refers to the expenditure of money, time and effort, endlessly going in to the upkeep of such "luxuries" as cars, aircraft, boats and women !
If nothing else, such a name painted on the bow and stern would look good, and be a fine talking point !
I had a co-worker with three adult daughters (youngest in high school, two in college) at home with a wife. He said there was always women fighting with each other, but if all four came to him at once, he simply threw his wallet to them.
Filed for future reference.
Recommend you name it the Mary Ann.

The key is to keep them fighting with each other and not with your good patient self. From a father of a teenage girl....
As a father of two girls, 19 and 21, both in college, both living at home, this is SAGE advice.

As a funny aside (maybe) about a year ago the two daughter units were arguing at a pretty good rate, it ended with:

Younger daughter: "You're fat!"

Older daughter: "YEAH? You're just t!ts on a stick!"

For the record, older daughter is not fat.

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