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Dec 26, 2006
I thought I would share a small treasure I was given this weekend from the gentleman I purchased some parts for my wife's Jaguar Mark 2. He told me the storage area he has his spare parts horde used to be a well known polishing business for small items from the 1920's thru the mid 1950's. And it still had some unfinished items in it from when they closed.

In one of the bins were a few Lockheed Constellation Lapel pins with TWA logo on the wing. From what he understands they were given away to passengers. this one is unpolished, and does not have the stick pin attached to it yet. But I thought it was to nice not to share.


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I cant decide nr 1 or nr last. Boy its difficult.
She is so pretty, so fine looking.
Does not age.
Voodoo chile when starting up and reving.
It is a 4 engined love song.
Mozart requim with wings

Yup i like it

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