Tea and Coffee....

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A wee stock up....coffee next! 😁

Au naturale. Pollution free. Fresh ground beans and water. No contamination.

I love coffee but it does bad things to my bladder so I need to drink it half strength or I am limited to one cup a day.

In Melbourne and Brisbane I have gone to the same coffee shop every day for a month and asked the same staff for half strength and then almost without fail I have to take it back to the counter and tell them pour half down the drain and top it with hot water.

When I went back to PNG in 2000 after a few years away I went into the restaurant at the hotel I was booked at and asked for half strength coffee and the waitress gave me a weird look and said she would get it. I thought this will be a disaster as a common problem a few years earlier was you would order a #2 main course and #5 desert and get the opposite. You quickly learned to order one dish at a time. If four people at the table you all ordered separately with a couple of minutes between your orders or they would get fouled up.

The waitress waddled back with a carafe of coffee and one of water and asked me to mix my own. I did so and thought that was better than Melbourne or Brisbane.

When I ordered a refill it came premixed and perfect and I thought why can these people get it right first time and Aus staff cannot.

Next morning I ordered half strength coffee at breakfast and the totally different waitress immediately asked are you Mr X. I said yes and she went and bought back a perfect cup of coffee. That is real service by staff who care about giving the customer what they actually want.

I have had mainly shit service in Aus, good in Asia, Britian, Canada, Mexico, NZ, Peru, Switzerland and the US but the best service by far came from the country with the lowest standard of living and lowest standard of education.

Even better PNG grown and roasted coffee is as good as any you can get anywhere else in the world and a lot better than in many other places. It is not semi cremated like Italian, French, etc and leaves a very pleasant aftertaste as well.

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