Tea and Coffee....

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Just to throw in another coffee, the coffee in cajun country south and west of New Orleans is one of a kind. The so called cajun coffee served in New Orleans restaurants is not the same. Once while servicing equipment in the records room at the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's office, Audrey, the the records office boss said, "Ed, you need some coffee! They just made it fresh in the radio room." The coffee closely resembles used motor oil, both in color and consistency. Served in small cups, less than 4 ounces, one dose perked me up for the rest of the day. Supercharged!

Please tell me you are not talking about that nasty Community Coffee or that stuff made with chicory?


After living south of New Orleans in Houma for three years I have come to realize that only Louisianans think that is decent coffee.
An off thread comment about service calls to The Sheriff's office in Houma, Louisiana, above. One afternoon when I checked in with our dispatcher, she gave the calls as usual by company calling, machine type and problem. At the end of the list she said, "And Audrey Painter called."
"Which machine is she having trouble with?"
"I don't know."
"What kind of trouble?"
"I don't know."
"How do you know it was Audrey?"
Our dispatcher said, "Ed, I answered the phone and a woman's voice said, "Tell Ed to get his ass to Houma" so who else could it be but Audrey?"

Where in Louisiana do you live? I lived and worked in Houma for three years before moving to Missouri 4 years ago. My youngest was born in Thibodaux.
There's three kinds of coffee: coffee that kicks you in the balls, coffee that tastes great, and coffee that kicks you in the balls while tasting great.

I'm not picky. I like good taste, but I need the kick in the balls at oh-dark-thirty so I don't care if it's gourmet or gas-station. I make the latter (coffee that tastes great and kicks you in the jimmies) at home. I drink various caffeine-delivery systems of arabica derivation otherwise, without looking into pedigree or taste.
I don't care who you are, this is THE best way to make coffee....



Once that you've done it under the midnightsun, nothing will ever be good enough again....😉😎
Dare I tell you why my wife does not drink coffee?

Ok, I will.

Years ago, my wife was a young nurse at a nursing home for old folks. Seems there was an older fellow (patient) who seems VERY happy and cheerful at morning coffee time. Everybody just loved him and how jolly he was.

Until they caught him emptying his urinal into the coffee pot.

My wife was not a coffee drinker at the time and she never developed a taste for it after.

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