Luftwaffe and allied air forces forum question

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I tried clicking "contact us" but I never got a response. When I click registration it says that registration has been disabled by the administrator. Have they recently banned people from registering?
Who do you want to contact ?
There's three people who I think can help me. Their usernames are Nick Hector, Nikita Egorov and HGabor. I don't necessarily need to contact all three but it's a case of if one doesn't have the answer then I think the other one will.
What's Nick Hector called on Facebook? Could someone send a link to his account? I think Nikita Egorov would be useful too
Since I don't know how to locate Nikita anywhere else and I can't register, could someone with an account at Luftwaffe and allied air forces ask Nikita Egorov my question for me? If he doesn't have the answer then I will ask Nick Hector.

As I understand things the 12 O'clock High site is now quite old and needs a major (effort wise at least) upgrade but the decision has been taken to let the site run as is until the software no longer works, hence the blocking of new registrations.

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