Norton Bombsight

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Aug 21, 2006
Identification of parts on a Norton Bombsight

Enjoy Micdrow


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Guy I went to Grad School with, his Grandfather wrote that pamphlet. Interesting guy, interesting family. A bunch of geniuses.
Very nice, indeed!!!
Interestingly, if you are a collector, the stabilizer portion of the sight
is worth two or three times more than the sight head! People kept
the sight heads as big desk ornaments, and the stabilizers languished.
Terrific source of information and photo's, thanks k9kiwi.
As a kid I remember slobbering over catalogs from a surplus dealer
in Los Angeles called "Palley's", and at the time (dare I date myself?)
a Norden in the original container cost $50. You could buy a J-35
engine for $500...Of course, as a young teen, $10 was a windfall...
Here's a few photos I found once ...
Sorry, no time to make thumbnails this morning :)


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If you want to know everything about the Norden (not Norton) bombsight, look out for this book through your local library:

'The Legendary Norden Bombsight' by Albert L Pardini, Published by Schiffer, ISBN 0-7643-0723-1

Only for the technically able.


Just found this site, I have a lot of interesting info. here. I restore bombsights, gunsights and other aircraft related items. Thanks for the link to Taighs website.
Hi everyone
My father told me he made the Norton bombsights during WW2.I would very much appreciate any me at [email protected]s like there is plenty of info here.

Thanks much
Now I'm not being picky but this the same as a Norden bomb sight right?

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