Now THAT is close

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Jul 2, 2006
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Small plane crashes in Riverwest area of Milwaukee
From the Journal Sentinel
Posted: Nov. 12, 2005

A single-engine plane crashed into the Riverwest neighborhood about 6 p.m. Saturday. Witnesses said the pilot was moving in the cockpit as the plane dangled from electrical wires.

Firefighters use a bucket lift to rescue a pilot from a plane after it crashed into power lines at Humboldt Ave. and Clarke St.
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Video: TMJ4 reports

A single-engine plane crashed into the Riverwest neighborhood about 6 p.m. today, knocking out power to the immediate area.

Firefighters used a bucket lift to rescue the pilot from the plane, which was dangling in power lines near Humboldt Ave. and Clarke St. His condition was not immediately known.

It was not known whether anyone else was on the plane. It wasn't known whether anyone on the ground was injured.

The lights on the plane were still on and the plane's nose was pointing into the ground. The plane came to rest about three feet off the ground.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we have now landed...... Almost.


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That happens every so often, some guy in Seattle sued the power company for putting up power lines by an airport and not installing any type of lights or anti collision device.

I actually know someone who crashed a Grumman Tiger into power lines. He got out of the aircraft by himself with minimum cuts and bruises.



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