Official Chav Thread.

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Nov 9, 2004
Bristol, UK


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Apparently, I am a 10 percent chav .

"Wannabe chav
You are 10 % chav
You clearly know you are not, nor will you ever be anything even closely resembling a bonafide chav but that doesn't stop you from jumping on the bling bandwagon every now and then. There's nothing wrong with a bit of pretending though you'll never be able to hold your own with the true Burberry brigade."
ha looser i'm 18% chav!!!

man those sites are great, and yes, chavs should have their own thread..........
Did you ever feel that the destroyer you were on would have been improved with extra lights, go faster racing stripes, and a huge spoiler bolted onto the stern?
Y'know? I don't think I know of a specifically Canadian term for 'em. :-k
I know through most of Nova Scotia they're often known simply as dirtbags or scumbags. Not very original, but apt none the less. ;)
Do you remember I was telling you on TeamSpeak about the time I got punched in the gob by a chav - just because I didn't have any cigarettes to give him.

Individually they're weedy, spotty little shit-stains, who even a slightly built guy (like me) could kick across Queen's Square.

The trouble is, they know this, which is why they always make sure that 5 or 6 of their mates are around when they do stuff like that. Added to which they've probably all got knives.

Real heroes huh?
Yeah, it's a common tactic and you've got to be careful. But then, you could always gather a few of your own mates and go chav hunting. :evil4:
So we hold a piece of fake Burberry cloth under the hounds nose for them to pick up the scent?

We could also train them to attack at the sound of a 'Babycakes' ringtone.

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