? on Color of Cockpit Interior of Me 410 at Cosford

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dr 1 ace

Nov 10, 2020
The pictures in the WWP Book "In Detail No. 1 " on the Me 410 At Cosford(Great Book) has pictures of the entire A/c In particular the interior of the cockpit shows a blueish green sides of the fuselage interior cockpit/framing (pages 13-22) with pilot/ gunners equipment in 02 Instrument panels/equipment switches, seats in RLM66..

The ?: Did the Museum in the Original restoration use British Interior green (thinking no big deal-we used- it who would know) for the inside if the cockpit before re-installing the original instrument panels etc, or was this blueish green a "one-off-factory batch" of paint ?


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I have a great book but unfortunate it doesn't call out colors. My guess from the black and white photo's it would be RLM 66, in the for what it's not worth column
Hi dr 1 ace,
Here are couple of recent photos I took in the cockpit as part of a project to improve the exhibits in the Museum (in this case looking to fill these empty instrument openings)
You can see that the colours change with the lighting.

As this aircraft has been through many RAF bases and had work done by various organisations and in particular the St. Athans re-build and respray it may well be that UK not German paint used. I will try and see what I can find in the AP's.


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Thank you Rodd1951, most appreciated !


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