P-13a Lippisch

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Jun 11, 2004
Does anybody got pictures of the p-13a lippisch which I think was a protoype during WW II.

Or some info do correct me?

Try here http://www.schifferbooks.com/military/luftwaffe/inside/0887404790.html

And here

Note the above is from the LUFT'46 are copyright to them

As is the below


And this one is from Luftarchiv.de


Kiwimac (Amazing what you see as you pass through a site)
I guess so, :%

I was emailed about ev0's request so I popped in, I was going to pm the pictures to him but it was just too much bother so I posted them here.

I know I said I would go away, I am not usually like this, changeable and vacillating but...

So is it ok if I come back?

I think I speak for everyone when I say, of course it is. It was wrong for you to leave. :D You're a great asset to this site.
If we could drag a few of the old members back in here, there would be some conversation to be had... We just need a large influx of members who will actually post something in contribution to the forums

Of course, we have 641 members registered here 8) So POST SOMETHING :lol: ;)

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