P-38 Lightning Wing Tip

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The wingtip for the P-38 Lightning has a trimmed Trailing edge which is a consequence of the connection between the top and lower panels. I wonder if anyone has close-up photographs of the wing tip showing this tabbed edge at the wingtip and further inboard at Sta 289?

Interesting thing is that many US metal aircraft had the top of the tip just flat while the bottom rose up to meet it. Most model kits get that wrong. I do not think the P-38 was one of those.

I just checked and the P-38 DOES have the upswept undersides at the tip. By the way, before the J model the exhaust for the intercooler cooling air exited at the tip through a rectangular hole.

Also Lockheed was just about the only company that always extended the hortizontal stab out past the outboard fin/rudder. It is lot easier to do it like the B-24, B-25, Beech 18, Ercoupe and A-10, so I do not know why they did that.
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Hopefully these help. I just took them on 18 June 2022 of the Fagen Fighters F-5G-6-LO (P-38L) (USAAF 42-7231 / MSN 422-8235) painted as P-38J "Scat III" of Robin Olds.

Left Wing Tip


And the Left Outer Stabilizer showing the same crease

I forgot to get a shot of Sta 289 for you. Next time I will.
Please do! More guys eager to see it here :).
Is it the same on the other side or is it left wing only?
Same on both sides. I figured pics of one side would be enough so I'm not bombarding the thread with images. 😁

I'll be in contact with the owners and see if I can't get a closer and deeper look. They also have a B-25, a couple P-51s, a couple P-40s, an FM2 Wildcat, a Hellcat, and an A6M-2, among others so if there are any other requests let me know. I may not make it back down there for a month or so but I will see what I can do.

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