P-38 Shark mouth

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Oct 30, 2006
Does anybofy knows if some P-38 Lightnings (equiped with guns) were existing with a shark mouth and without any D-Days stripes ?
I own a 1:18 P-38 (I'm sure you'll guess the manufacturer...) who is totally in metal finish with only a shark mouth on it.
Any picture would help me.
Thx to all.
I'm not sure but maybe these could be helpful.
Source unknown.


  • P38_39th FS.jpg
    P38_39th FS.jpg
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  • P38F_white16_39th FS.jpg
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  • P38G_347th FG Guadalcanal 1943.jpg
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Thanks Wurger,
From any information we learn something...
In my case the shark mouth is painted on the nose's aircraft. What I find strange is that standard black painting on top of nose and engines is missing.
The pilot should have wear good Ray-Ban sunglasses to fly it !!
I've got now a picture of this P-38 Lightning. "Louise" is also written on each engine compartments.
It's written on it that it's a P-38L-5-LO type.
I'll check if that is at least correct...


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As usual, joining the party late, but here are more:

P-38F #33 Japanese Sandman II 14 Mile Strip 39th FS.jpg

P-38 shown above in a previous post as a/c #225 evidently named St. Louis Blues:
P-38J SLBlues 12th FS, 18th FG, 13th AF.jpg

Not a full mouth shark. More like a snaggletooth one. ;;)
P-38J assigned to 1LT William G. Baumeister of the 459th Ftr Sq Twin Tailed Dragons, 80th FG.jpg

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