P-51H and F-82 HQ photos?

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I'd love to see them. I'm especially interested in Wright-Patterson AFB/Wright Field and NACA images, or promo images, though I'll accept anything since HQ/high res photos of both are kinda rare (though there's some of the restored XP-82 out there).

Maybe I should request a thread for Wright Field/Wright Patterson and NACA images of World War II era aircraft in general?
Boeing is the "keeper of all-things-NAA" these days and they're very, shall we say, "money-oriented" when it comes to posting their photos and stuff online, or in books or magazine articles. This is a fairly new "thing." Folks "out there" say that a "change in management" at Boeing in the last several years has brought about changes in these matters (as far as pricing - "licenses" - using their images.
I paid like $50 for a couple of photos from IWM, which is understandable given that they're a museum and thrive off of donations and merchandise purchases. If the prices are comparable, I might consider it. I did write to them a few days ago about seeing about buying some for private use (I have no trouble paying, though I can only buy maybe 1-2 at a time), though I may be better off maybe buying books about the later and experimental Mustangs.
I've got a number of them.
Wright Patterson Field airshow 1947


82nd FG 96th FS summer 1948

NACA 130 Moffett Field, CA mid 1950's

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