P-61 Pilots manual

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Aug 21, 2006
P-61 Pilots manual

Enjoy Micdrow :lol:


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Couple of drawing's for the alignment of the weapons for a P-61


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Keep feeding me this stuff!!! I love it. We are planning a big 114" wing model of the P-61 in the fall of next year so we are gathering all the info we can.

I'm going to build 2 sets of outer wing panels one with the conventional spoilers the other with the fighter brakes. The fighter brakes are very complicated in the model and we'll have to test them somehow. A failure would be spectacular. haha :shock: :cry:

Looks like about a 45-50 pound model.
Hi Bentwings,

I bet storing those aircraft can be hard. Dont know if you found it but here is the link for a B-25 pilots manual also seens how you are building one. I will see if I can find any thing more on the P-61. Its a very hard plane to research, very limited material at least so far as to what I have found.

If you have any pictures of your built aircraft I would love to see them.

Thanks for the heads up. You are very right, there is very little info available for the P-61. There are a few picture packets available of the one at Wright Patterson. I have one but it is not as good as I had hoped. Possibly inthe spring my son and I will go there and try to take a few specifice shots. I sure would like to see one fly.

I did get the info here which was great. I really like the video flight instruction.

I have some pictures of the P-51 and the Corsair but they are not in digital format. I'll try and get a few of the B-25 this week end as we are building it.

thanks again
You might find it worth your time to purchase this book on the P-61. It has quite a bit of info on the P-61


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