Paradoxes (Things That Contradict Themselves) Of WWII

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Dec 26, 2003
I go with B-29 and how it had largest bomb load and takeoff weight of the war YET it was too fast for many jap fighters with a top speed of 370mph so it contradicts itself in being big heavy and a bomber and yet its faster than fighters
yes big heavy daunting yet faster than fighters cuz when u think bomber u think slow and b29 had 20k bomb load and lanc had like 18k and yes i know about grand slam but those were specially modifeid
Military intelligence.

:lol: ;)

Seriously, though, I agree with Germans, though. A bomber like that that's monstrously heavy, and yet can go faster than the fighters trying to bring it down would seem to be a paradox
the vickers wellington was called the wellington, but it didn't look like one, what's up with that?
It was called a B-29 'Superfortress' for a reason, it was covered in guns! I don't think a bomber that big could 'outrun' any japanese fighters....this is really gonna sound silly but whats the point in covering a bomber in machine guns if there isn't a plane fast enough to catch it? :oops: :?: :!: :?:
I've just looked up some info on the B-29 apparently its top speed was its a fact that the Zero could reach 332 (not far off 358) - plus try to remember 358mph was the absolute maximum..with a bomber being shot at and damaged not to mention normal stress on the engine - no aircraft can maintain maximum speed for too long BUT the big BUT here is that the Mitsubishi Raiden codenamed 'Jack' by the allies could reach 365mph which explains my previous point about the bombers heavy weapons....fighters could and did catch the B-29 and they did get shot down by japanese fighters sometimes 8)
well yea but no plane can stay at top speed forever and actually 370mph is the absolute max with a moderate payload (moderate being 8k or less 8) )
heres a paradox for you, the lanc made it up so if you think its crap blame him, but if you think its good give me the credit by all means 8):

German heavy bombers of world war 2
ah! that's old news, that was before i know more about the HE-177, which was a german heavy bomber, but that's their only true heavy bomber.

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