Patch v4.11 Update

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Update 02 April 2011

Notice that this is not the complete features list of 4.11. Just few things that can be shown now on video.

Daidalos Team would like to thank the following community members for their contributions.

IK-3: Zimbower Turelio
IL-4: Vert
TBD: Jason from 777 Studios


I hadn't seen any of the v4.11 updates posted yet.

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Update 3 June 2011
Source: 4.11 Development Update - Official 1C Company forum

Today we would like to introduce two new features in 4.11. Sorry no video this time. Later we might do more these mini updates with text only.

Difficulty menu changes:

In 4.11 the difficulty options are divided and grouped logically into five separate sub-pages for easier navigation. "Weapons Stores" page has two new options and "Views" page has five new difficulty options.

Bomb Fuzes option:
When Bomb Fuzes is enabled, the arming dialog shows the new fuze selection combo boxes that were shown in earlier update and fuzes are active in the sim. When the option is disabled, the arming dialog shows same components as in 4.09 and bombs behave same way as in 4.09.

Fragile Torpedoes option:
When this options is enabled, the torpedoes can be broken easily when dropped and all the constraints introduced in 4.10 apply.

No Players Own View option:
When this options is enabled, the player cannot view his own plane in external view. However this has one exception. When player is on ground, he still can access the external view for easier taxing. As soon as the player gets airborne, he is forced back to cockpit view.

No Enemy Views option:
When this option is enabled, player cannot view any enemy external views. This also includes any static cameras which have different army color than player's own army.

No Friendly Views option:
Basically same thing as above, but for friendly external views.

No Aircraft Views option:
When this option is enabled, all aircraft (excluding player's own) views are disabled.

No Carrier Views:
Normally the external views have always included aircraft carriers too. In some cases these views might reveal too much information for the players. When this option is enabled, the carrier views are not available.

Static cameras in 4.11 have new "army" parameter, so for example it is possible to add "red" camera to red home base which blue players cannot access. Later this might be used to create "recon cameras" that are enabled by certain triggered event or presence of recon plane.

Smart Axis feature:

Many players with dual throttle setup have realized that flying planes with more engines than two can be little hassle. If engine power 1 power 2 axis are mapped the throttles, that still leaves two unmapped throttle axis 3 4 if player is flying 4 engine plane. In this case players usually needs to go to controls menu and map one throttle axis to the old power which controls all engines.

The smart axis feature notices the situation when player's aircraft has more engines than mapped axis (both throttle and prop pitch). For example with four engines and two mapped axis, both left engines are controlled by one mapped axis and both right engines are controlled by the other mapped axis. In case of three engines and two axis, the center engine gets the average value between left right engines, so all three engines are throttled up/down roughly same way.

(See pictures at original link - 4.11 Development Update - Official 1C Company forum)


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Update 19 June 2011
Source: 4.11 Development Update - Official 1C Company forum

Greetings dear IL-2 fans. Another small text pics only update today...

Control surface pilot's head positions transfered over network

This feature was briefly demonstrated in the spawning video. So basically this means that online players will see other player's control surface movements and pilot's head position (where the pilot is looking) since this information is propagated over the network.

Mouse wheel zooming

This was also hidden in the spawning video and there is even more hidden features in that clip ;) Simply put, this is normal mouse wheel zooming which works in FMB, mission briefing screen and in minimap. The view is zoomed centered on current mouse position; i.e. you place a mouse cursor where you want to zoom in and scroll the wheel.

Default skin changes

In 4.11 we added a small internal feature which allows us to determine in the code more freely which default skin should be used. Previously most planes simply had summer winter skins and few planes had unique default skin for pacific maps. In 4.11 we have possibility to load certain default skin based on mission date, aircraft regiment, etc. basically any information available. For example a Bf-110 which belongs to night fighter regiment could have a black NF default skins while other regiments have a normal day fighter skin.

Previously we were reluctant to add new country specific default skins because this would have mean that the aircraft 3D meshes, material damage textures would need to be duplicated. Now we can add new country specific default skins more freely without adding unnecessary content to increase patch size. Here is one example from 4.11:


Other example for allied skins would be invasion stripes. Here is a pic of few allied stationary planes when mission date is pre-D-day:

Same mission, but now with date that is after D-day:

Another example of few pre-war skins:

And same situation with later mission date:

Yellow eastern front markings are another good example. Here we can see few Finnish planes during Winter War period. Notice that there is no yellow eastern front markings visible.

When we se a mission date which indicates a start of Continuation War, we get following default skins. Notice that this is historically correct situation for early Continuation War. Yellow eastern front markings have been introduced, but not applied to engine cowlings yet. In few cases the markings have been applied over old Winter War paints.

And if we push the mission date even further, we get again correct default skins. Now the eastern front markings have been applied to engines and planes have received "war paints" instead of original French/ German/Italian colors.

Skins shown here might not be the final ones.

Thanks to all the artists.


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Update 2 November 2011


More planes - (Click thumbnail pictures for full size pictures)

CANT Z.506 'Airone' (AI only)

Mosquito FB Mk. XVIII 'Tse Tse' (flyable)

Two versions of the 'Toryu' (both AI only): Ki-45 Kai Hei ...

...and the Ki-45 Kai Tei

And as a bonus, the 3rd party author of the Ki-45, Kashiide, is also working on the cockpit, so it will probably be flyable for 4.12:

CU soon.
DT ;)


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Update 26 November 2011
Standard Def:

High Definition (720):

Furthermore we are proud to present 6 new AFV made for IL-2 by a 3rd party enthusiast modeler (thanks alot!):


Carro Armato L6-40

Carro Armato 13-40

Semovente 47-32

Semovente 75-18-40

Crusader III

Each has 3 skin variants: desert, summer and winter. Except for Crusader, which has only desert skin, since it wasn't used anywhere else.

Await next update soon! Cya! ;)


The new tanks are a nice addition. :)

Awesome! Love it! Any ideas of its release date?

Very Soon. 8)

The Official Guide has been released with a teaser that the v4.11m patch will be released during this holiday season. :) @ 1C said:
Source: [REL] 4.11m Guide - Official 1C Company forum

Dear IL-2 fans,

As with our previous patch, we are releasing the Guide for 4.11m in advance, so you may get familiar with the upcoming features we have been working on for the last year. We are planning to release the patch within this holiday season.

For now we wish you all Merry Christmas!

4.11 Guide (pre-release version):

MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Main Features
• 6DoF support with over 100 fixed cockpits
• AI improvements
• Improved radiator overheat modeling
• Difficulty option changes
• Bomb fuzes
• Stationary plane spawning
• Reworked bomb damage
• Control surface pilot's head positions transferred over network
• Mouse wheel zoom
• Bombing commands
• Additional waypoint parameters

New Flyable Planes
• PE-8
• TB-7 M40
• IL-4
• Fw 190 A-4 1.42 ATA
• Mosquito XVIII "Tse-Tse"

New AI Planes
• TBD-1
• Hs 123
• IK-3
• Cant Z 506B
• Ki-45 Kai Hei
• Ki-45 Kai Tei

New ground units
• Autoblindo AB 41
• Carro Armato L6-40
• Carro Armato 13-40
• Semovente 47-32
• Semovente 75-18-40
• Crusader III
• Several new groups and companies based on existing tanks vehicles

AND MORE... (see the Guide for details)

Main Features
• 6DoF support with over 100 fixed cockpits

Considering how long this new feature has been requested it should bring a smile or two to several faces in the IL-2 community. :)



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I have a new PC and I still haven't installed 1946. xD But still these are some pretty great updates, especially some of the A.I. and brand new aircraft.

And also, since I haven't been updated much on Daidalos' work on 1946 but have they already made the TBF Avenger flyable?
I have a new PC and I still haven't installed 1946. xD But still these are some pretty great updates, especially some of the A.I. and brand new aircraft.

And also, since I haven't been updated much on Daidalos' work on 1946 but have they already made the TBF Avenger flyable?
That will not happen with an Official patch as they are barred from adding it due to legal restrictions.


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