Performance/Endurance of Bf 109 G-6 during aerial combat - question for EXPERTS

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    Now I have a question for real Bf 109 experts: Please figure out an field aerodrome in 1944, base of a 109 unit. The planes are getting fuel on ground while suddenly Lightnings appear overhead the field. The group commander asks for an immediate take off. Drop tanks has to be dropped shortly after the take off because the P-38 Lightnings are still around. As a pilot of that group you find yourself in the middle of a dog fight. You are sitting in a Bf 109 G-6, your main tank is full so you have about 400 liters left. Your drop tank is gone...

    A.) What is your maximum range you can fly out under such circumstances if you have to return to the same base?
    B.) What is your maximum endurance in the same situation?

    Thanks for an active discussion! - Kurtl

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