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I always liked the Victor more:

Not an avid poster here, but regular reader. Time to post some of my collection. As a kid I wrote USN and USAF squadrons asking for pictures, and many replied sending photos and sometimes even patches. These will end up in the bin when I die, so better share them now while I still can. ;)

More to follow.

CT-39E 158381 VRC-30.jpg
F-106 57th FIS.jpg
RH-53D 158691  caption.jpg
RH-53D 158691 VR-24.jpg
F-5E Agressors.jpg
F-18A VX-4 Point Mugu.jpg
TA-4J VX-4.jpg
F-4J VX-4.jpg
TA-7C VX-5.jpg
F-18A VX-5.jpg
Grumman A-6E VX-5.jpg
OV-10 Bronco Sembach.jpg
F-14A VX-4.jpg
F-16A J-217.png
Bae Hawk 51 Finland 2.png
Bae Hawk 51 Finland 1.png

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