pictures of WWII aircraft - Hot Lips and Lille Marlene

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Nov 14, 2006
I have two pictures of WWII Aircraft, but they are not posted on a web site.
One is definitely a B25-G - Hot Lips. I have not been able to identify Lille Marlene. My father was an airplane mechanic with the 12th AAF in Corsica and Italy. Because his Discharge papers state that he was discharged from a fighter squadron, we know that was not the same squadron he served with during the war. He was with the medium bomber squadron. The picture I have of Hot Lips has my father and his friend standing below it. I have other proof of his service from a newspaper article and the campaigns that he was directly connected with.

If anyone has information on either of these two aircraft or would like to view them, I can send them.

Thanks for any assistance.
I believe that you have a picture of lille marlene 11 or 1. that was my uncles plane in ww11. His name was LT Cyrus Greer, A DFC winner. I would love to see the picture. Email me at [email protected]
Hej billc,
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My wifes uncle was a photographer in Corsica and in his photos is a picture of the Lille Marlene with two people standing in front. The pilot of record stenciled on the plane is Major Verne Bohnke. On the fuselage the number of bombs (missions?) is 60. In the same batch is a group photo of 15 men and the building in the background has a sign that says "Headquarters, Corsica Air Sub Area, 4th Floor. I just happened to see the pictures and googled Lille Marlene. The photo is dated 4-10-44. I have not scanned the photo which is quite detailed but if you are interested I can.
Vern Bohnke is my grandfather. Have you scanned the photo? He was in the Hat and Ring Squadron.
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Vern Bohnke is my grandfather. Have you scanned the photo? He was in the Hat and Ring Squadron.
I have come across a piece of memorabilia that may interest you. I have a signed copy of his book dated April 1928 that I would be glad to send to you if you are interested.

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