Pilot bailouts

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Dec 9, 2005
Howzit guys

I think this might be a tough request but, where can one find (not an aircraft) reference pics of WWII pilots crew bailing out of stricken aircraft.
I think that these have been the hardest to come by.

Any help would be grand:oops:

Hi Jakkalsbb.
Well, as for now I have one pic


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Howzit guys

Thank you for trying to help showing interest.
Really appreciate it a lot.
Hate to disappoint Brunner Kiwi but, I have those already. Seems like those are the only available pics to be found online.
What a shame there isn't detailed info on this particular topic.

Thanks guys.
Maybe someone will come accross good material.

This is a very interesting sequence.
Thank you very much.
Hopefully this thread will become very interesting exstensive.
The more info the better. Reason I'm trying to obtain visual references are for paintings sketches I'm working on.
That is the reason as well as the need for Luftwaffe pilots in full flightgear.

Thanks Primus all you other guys. Much appreciated.
I look forward to seeing what comes up next.


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