Please help recreate this pilots plane.

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Hi guys.

My friend Martin, has asked me if we can recreate his father's aircraft for a flight sim. I know from his father, he trained in the US, at Pensacola, and then he moved to Northern Ireland, where one day he strayed across the border into Ireland, where he was shot at by Irish AA!

From the limited information my friend has, I've found out the following info, from various sites and a couple of good links.

The squadron officially formed at Brunswick in May 1944 as a fighter squadron with 18 Corsair IIIs, embarking with Corsair IIs in August 1944 on HMS Trouncer for the UK. Part of December was spent with DLTs on HMS Patroller.
In February 1945 the squadron having joined the 10th Naval Fighter Wing, sailing with HMS Arbiter with 24 Corsair IVs for Australia, but saw no action before VJ-Day.

Battle Honours
None in WWII

Commanding Officers and Squadron Personnel
L/C(A)DK Evans, RNZNVR May 1944-Sept 1944
L/C(A) DFV Davis, RCNVR (temp) Sept 1944-Oct 1944
Major PP Nelson-Gracie, RM Oct 1944-Feb 1945
L/C(A) PCS Chilton, RN Feb 1945-end of WW2

Corsair III May 1944-Aug 1944
Corsair II Aug 1944-Jan 1945
Corsair IV Feb 1945-Sept 1945

1845 Squadron moved here from TAMY 1 at Archerfield equipped with 24 Corsairs on June 23rd. A further 24 Corsairs were to arrive on July 4th when 1843 disembarked from HMS Arbiter. Both Corsair squadrons departed on July 24th, 1845 for RNAS Nowra, and 1843 for RNAS Jervis Bay. The aircraft of 1701 also left for RNAS Bankstown on the same day.

October 24th saw No. 3 C.A.G. officially dissolved. No.s 854 1843 squadron personnel embarked in S.S. Stratheden for passage to UK, all aircraft were retained at Nowra. 1845 Squadron also disbanded at Nowra on this date. 706 Pool Refresher Flying Training Squadron arrived here from RNAS Maryborough to commence operations at Nowra.

MONAB I page 2

The memories of Maurice Ayling

The pilot we are looking for is Robert Collier 1843 Squadron, RNAS. He's still alive, but suffering from Alzheimer's, and is in a nursing home. :(

Any help or info would be gratefully received.

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